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Inground Pool Closings

Backyard Pool

Sunshine streams in through your windows, as you climb out of bed. When you step out onto your patio with your morning cup of coffee, you realize it’s pool season again! Your excitement may quickly turn to disgust when you pull back your pool cover and find a swamp where your beautiful pool used to be. At the end of last season, you slapped on a winter cover, and figured you’d sort out the water next year. Big mistake.

Learning how to close a pool doesn’t have to be a huge pain. Plus, it’ll make opening next season a breeze. You’ll need fewer chemicals to make the water swimmable again. You may even extend the life of pool surfaces and accessories by taking preventive measures. It takes a little extra effort, but that’s nothing compared to how much work opening will be if you don’t close your pool the right way.

Beach Ball in Pool
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